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Day 11: Catching Up

I didn't name this blog post "catching up" because I caught with old friends again today, unfortunately. I named it so because I have literally spent the day trying to catch up with the class standard. There is a lot of homework at this level. A lot.

I thought that I had memorised all of my new vocabulary yesterday evening. I spent 3 hours on it. But I was wrong. This morning I could hardly recall any of it. Maybe only half... Then there was homework to do too, on top of it all, and preparation for class tomorrow. I'm both looking forward to and dreading the weekend, because I may have more time but I also know that we will get a lot of homework and a long essay to write.

In the line of good news, I have now reached a point where it's easier for me to write the explanation of a new word I need to learn in Korean than its closest English equivalent, and that's pretty cool.

So today mainly consisted of studying and learning, but I did go out for lunch with three classmates which was nice. So far I've made good friends with my classmates. I've talked properly to about six of them, so I've gotten half-way across the class. I still have six people left to talk to but many of them seem quite shy so it may be a little difficult, and they are all very quiet during break time, but I'll get there.

Lunch was great though. We went to a small restaurant in Sinchon (the next neighborhood from our University), and had Sujebi (hand-pulled dough soup) and KalGuksu (Knife-cut noodle soup). What you see on the photo is my Kalguksu. It was delicious.

Now back to my vocabulary.... See you tomorrow.

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