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Day 5: Results and drinking

My test results are out. Last time I was in Korea I studied Korean level 1. It has been six years since then, but I hadn't really studied much during this time, so maybe the right level is level 2. However, about a week before arriving in South Korea, I had to take two online exams to determine my level of Korean.

I did pretty well on those online tests. Meaning that I got 70% right on Vocabulary and Grammar (which I consider difficult) and 93% on my reading test.

In fact I did so well that upon arrival I didn't just have to take a speaking test but also an essay writing test. The essay writing didn't go brilliantly, but at least I wrote a page. So in the end I ended up being level 4 (out of 6 levels) which is pretty decent.

Today we got to check out classes and I bought my books. One of which was a book on reading difficult texts and essay writing. I am very interested to see what the lessons will be like. My classes start on monday, and hopefully it will be high level but also easy for to follow. The books look relatively easy.

I also bought the books for level 5 and 6 so that when I go back to France I can have a good look through them and learn a little on my own.

One thing is certain: South Korea has certainly become a lot more popular in past six years. When I was last here there were not this many classes and students so I must admit that I feel pretty overwhelmed by the amount of non Asians at the school, despite being one of them.

I was with my friend when we checked our classes and I bought my books and afterwards we went to my room and just talked for a few hours before heading out to meet up with a Korean friend of hers that she knew from Germany.

He was here with another German friend of his who had never been to South Korea, so we walked around the area. We walked to a famous gate, to City Hall, and all the way north to Gwanhwamun and down along the CheongyeCheon stream (depicted here with the rainbow light reflections) - a place very dear to me that I shall talk more about at a later time.

Afterwards we were to meet up with friends of his in Hongdae, which is the drinking district for young people.

We started at a Korean BBQ place, then we went to a Korean bar where more people joined us. Then we proceeded to another bar with a retro gaming theme (well more like a supermario themed bad) which had a lot of non-Asians playing games. I was again very shocked. I can hardly believe that Seoul and South Korea is now such a tourist destination for non-Asians to visit. Life truly has changed a lot here in the last many years.

I am now back home at the dormitory. It is 4:23 in the morning, and I sincerely hope that my roommate has not arrived in the afternoon or evening while I have been out and away, because I just want to sleep comfortably now... Goodnight!

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