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Unleash the theories!

The way I see it, the story in this music video is simple (finally). And yet complex, as all things are with BTS.

I've gone through the music video frame by frame, and analysed everything, to come up with a conclusion as to what it's all about.

I hereby present you with my results.

They're running up the mountain with hooded figures in black following behind them.

Although I think this music video is more a continuation of the 'Dope' (work hard to achieve success) and 'Fire' (don't give in to haters) messages, if we want to tie it in with 'Spring Day' then let's say that those mountains are the mountains they run towards as they leave Omelas.

When people leave Omelas, the story says that:

"they go east or north, towards the mountains."

That's all I'll say about how it ties in, because I truly think this is more of a thing on its own with a clear and crucial message.

Jungkook sees himself and then V and Jin are shot. The screen fades.

I just want you to remember this for now, because it's important, but as to why it happens and what it means, we will discuss that when we reach again in the music video.

I've heard people say that the figures in the black hoodies are their haters, but I think differently. The black figures are running WITH them, not chasing them.

And I have a good inkling as to who they are. It will become clear in a moment...

We see a desolate building with the words "Not Today", and the camera zooms into the subterranean level. Forth walks RM.

It's dark down here. It's not a pleasant place. There is warning colours painted on the pillars. It's a dangerous place. But as RM advances it gets brighter.

"To all the underdogs in the world.

A day may come when we lose,

but it is not today!"

- Not Today -

The hooded people are at the ready position in formation, almost like a roman legion.

They're ready to fight.

They're his soldiers; his ARMY.

"Today we fight!"

- Not Today -

The other members appear.

Army moves at their commands.
They surround BTS, to protect them from whatever is coming.

They are ready to fight.

Army stop in their tracks.

They're in the basement, at the bottom of the food chain, and they will have to fight to break out of the basement and up to gain recognition.

"The light will pierce through the darkness."

- Not Today -

As he says those words, RM gives a punch.

The ceiling starts breaking down.

He is breaking them all out of the basement.

Jungkook is alone, out in the free, above the surface.

Why is he alone? Well he is our main character today, and he is showing us that even alone, he will fight and survive.

"Today we will survive."

- Not Today -

The others join him, little by little, and then Army arrive too, up from the basement. They're ready to conquer the world on BTS's behalf.

​"Point, aim, shoot!"

- Not Today -

Jungkook orders Army to fight.

Army cast away their tasks and their responsibilities and rush to defend BTS.

They get into real military formation and fight.

When BTS are finally safe, Army leave again.

Then we go back to that basement...

RM is down in the basement again but it has gotten darker since we were last there. A lot darker.

The darkness represents struggle.

Army are standing at his back, keeping him safe, but also keeping him from leaving.

The others arrive and greet RM. They're together now, and they can't fail when they're together.

"We couldn't fail because we believed in each other."

- Not Today -

​​They can't fail when they stand together.

Except... As the members arrive, Army scatter and go elsewhere.

BTS take a unified step back and hold up their hands, shocked, and trying to protect themselves.

Army have formed against them. They have joined to form a big weapon, pointed straight at BTS.

This is truly significant and a brave statement.

Army can hurt BTS

It's a reminder to all of us that our actions, while they can defend BTS, can also hurt them. That our words, as fans, can hurt them.

Sometimes the worst fire, is friendly fire.

"Trust me, who is next to you. Together we won't die."

- Not Today -

Only when we can believe in each other can we succeed.

Army need to believe in BTS and BTS need to be able to believe in us.

That way no one can tear us down.

Army and BTS run together. They are nearing the top of the mountain.

"I trust you, who is next to me. Together we won't die."

- Not Today -

Army and BTS have learnt to trust and rely on each other.

Army and BTS have reached near the top of the mountain. They're in formation and the glass flooring beneath them perfectly reflects the sky above them.

They're in formation like a flying flock of birds. Soaring in the skies.

"Let's fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well."

- Rap Monster at MAMA speech -

They're keeping their promise to spread their wings and fly.

But then, it begins to snow as they dance, and the sky darkens ever so slightly - a threat is coming. Just like it did when the basement got darker.

RM spreads his arms, inviting the conflict.


One after the other, they fall down. The boys are being shot down by an unknown force.

Army come rushing forward to protect BTS.

"Break through the glass ceiling that keeps you trapped."

- Not Today -

The glass ceiling is when people who are skilled, and have the abilities, don't succeed because of discrimination (for example due to gender or race).

This is a call for people to stand up for themselves and break through the glass ceiling regardless of who shoots at them.

Army make a wall around BTS to take the bullets for them.

Army are BTS's personal bulletproof vests.

They are being shot down by the bullets, but they managed to save BTS.

But who shot them?

There was no one else there.

"Throw Away the fear in your eyes."

- Not Today -

​​Jungkook looks back, horrified to see everyone fall down and die. We zoom in on his eye.

He is looking at himself.

He is his own worst enemy.

The fears and worries and the doubts are what kills everyone. The bullets come from themselves.

From ourselves.

"Don't kneel, don't break down.

That's not today!"

- Not Today -

Even though Army have been shot down, they gain strength from BTS's words of encouragement and get to their feet.

They assemble behind their idols. Line up behind their biases, ready to keep going at their side.

Jimin shoots, and everything goes dark.

Another threat is coming, like it did in the basement, and like it did a moment before.

The biggest threats comes from within.

What threatens us are not haters from outside. What threatens our unity is ourselves and rifts within our fandom.

We need to trust each other. Support each other, so we can advance and so, together, we go from crawling, to walking, to running and, finally to flying.

Together everyone runs, in the same formation as flying birds.

We know what keeps us back. We know what threatens us. It's not other people, it's ourselves and each other.

And since we know that, we can support each other and go forward together.

Through the hard night they all dance and fight against fears and doubts and hate.

They stand together now; unified.

They get into a tight formation. BTS are strong and stand in front of Army to protect them this time. They grab each other's hands, ready to take any bullets that come their way. Ready to defend Army. Ready to defend us.

United they get through the dark times. The night goes away and light peeks up at the horizon again.

Together we survive. And we won't die.
Not today.

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