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Explanation of my Progress Bars

Dear Readers, fellow writers, drifters,

In light of my nearing debut, I have decided to add progress bars that shows how far along each one of my novels are.

I have done this for several reasons.

First of all, personally, I'm quite driven by numbers and statistics in my work, so I like to keep track of my progress to motivate myself. This however does not mean that I need to share these numbers with anyone, which leads me to the second reason why I have chosen to insert these progress bars on my site.

I like that readers will be able to get an idea of when the next book might come out and can follow my progress in a more detail, almost from the conception of an idea. Personally, I enjoy seeing how writers progress and how fast they progress too. This allows for a glimpse into that process.

So let's break down the categories.


The research phase for a new series usually takes me a few months and is usually done while I work on other projects. Research is also done continuously, as I write and edit, but a large chunk of research is done before I even start to write my first draft.

This phase also includes initial plotting.


Here I record the amount words I have written on any current writing projects. This number changes almost daily (as long as I remember to update this site), and may swing up and down, as chapters and scenes are thrown away and new ones written.

By the end of this process, I will have my first draft.


I tend to work on a lot of different things at once when I edit, so I do between 4-5 edits before I hand the project over to my agent.


This means that my Agent has the manuscript and is doing his edit, or that I am correcting what he has requested of me. It is my final pass before the manuscript passed on to my editor.


This is the edit my Editor/Publisher gives me, and it's the last round where I can make significant changes.


A process I have little control over, but requires quality testing. Typesetting falls into this category, as do other projects surrounding the book release, like writing and editing the blurb, bio, etc.

When this progress bar is full, the book shall be released.

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