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Without destination

I was home alone this afternoon/evening, and, with no energy left, I felt that there was nothing to do. So in order to shake myself up a bit I decided to head to the gym. But on the way there I realised that I don’t have any sports shoes here, so I abandoned the idea and headed out for a walk instead, with my flip-flops on.

I only brought my bottle of water, my Korean mobile phone, my student card and my boarding house card: my first time heading out in Seoul without my bag.

I felt that I would be too lazy if I were to take the elevator so I even opted for the stairs (which is actually, surprisingly enough, not so much unlike me even though we live on the top floor). I headed out without a destination, at first thinking that I would only be able to arrive at the back gate to Sinchon station before I would collapse, completely out of energy. But I passed that point miraculously fast and headed further down the road.

Before I knew it I was speed walking through Shinchon and then Hongdae. Eventually I also passed Hongdae and ended up in front of Hapcheong station (which is three stations away from Ewha and approx. 3 km). That is when I realised where I had unconsciously been headed towards.  I crossed a busy roads, following in the footsteps of a an Ajhumma (elder woman) rapidly speed walking across the road while energetically flapping her arms around her. A lot of Ajhumma’s work out like this here in the evening and in the early morning.

The sun was setting behind a thick layer of dark purple clouds just as I reached Hang-gang, the Han river. I watched until the sky became pitch black and the office lamps slowly turned on, one after the other, revealing Seoul’s stunning night view.

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