What now?

Now that I am back, there is one crucial problem to solve: what to do now? What to do during those two hours every night that I’ve spent writing my blog for the past three months?

I’ve tried finding a solution on my own, try to figure out what to do with this blog now, for the next eight months before summer comes and I have something exciting to write every night again.

Oh goodness, if you have some ideas, please share them!

This far I have come up with the following, yet I don’t know wether any of them would do:

– Occasionally write my blog like I have written it in the past three months (not so much for this one though, I think I need some change now)

– Post random artworks that I’m doing

– Putting up my some of my Creative Writing (put I don’t know wether that will create copyright conflicts if I ever want to make those ideas into something bigger)

Oh ideas, please!

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