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What happens on Rainy Days

Song of the day. Whenever it is raining, I always think of this song, and today it was raining quite a lot. So, naturally, we went to a coffee shop to do our homework. I paid for two cups of hot chocolate and we studied and fooled around quite a lot. I did half of my homework for Monday.

I still have to write a page long essay, yes, in Korean, an essay with an introduction, a middle and an end, a real essay. The thought is quite scary but I am sure that when I am done with it I will feel so incredibly intelligent!

When it got dark we left the coffe shop and walked to Shincheon because Unnie needed a pair of rain boots. I was smart enough to bring boots along from England, but unnie only brought converse and flip flops so now her feet are constantly wet. It turns out that we couldn’t find any shoes that fitted her taste and budget, but we still had fun as always.

Honestly I think that I was very lucky with my roommate. Apparently quite a lot of people aren’t happy with their roommate or they just don’t get along, or don’t talk at all. I can’t imagine having a roommate like that now, me and unnie get along so well and it’s always a relief to come home and be just the two of us, for some reason we always spend fun times together, even though we are very different people. When we haven’t seen each other in a while, because of class or because we ate lunch separately, for example, when we meet again we will both sigh relieved before saying: ‘ah I missed you so today.’ and really mean it.

The bag is faux-leather, which means that it’s water resistant (yup: just what I need).

Me and unnie didn’t eat lunch together once again, I ate with my class, for once, and she ate with her own class again. I think that we are still a bit awkward with each other in my class, but at least it seems that we are making slow progress: eating a meal together certainly is a step forward, right?

For dinner me and unnie went to a small cute restaurant close to Ewha and bought some chicken rice to go. The restaurant was decorated with post-its all over the walls and looked very cosy. The food was so delicious and quite affordable, especially since we don’t eat much at night and shared a serving. we paid 5200 won (~26 Danish crowns) for it, 300 of that being for the take-out. I’m sure that we will come back to this small restaurant in the future.

Bonus: Soft-ice in Myungdong. A couple of days ago (just before the monsoon started) we were a couple of people together who went to Myungdong to buy notebooks and while we were there we all got an ice cream. I had wanted to try these awesome looking ice-creams for quite a while, they are huge so you have to eat them quite fast as they melt at an incredible speed when it is hot.

Honestly I had already eaten most of mine when this picture was taken so it doesn’t look too impressive. Next time I will be sure to remember the camera before I eat it.

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