Yay for music.

Update: Because I had lacked music so much I decided to hold a mini concert in my shower so I got my iPhone and my speaker out and as I was headed for the bathroom my iPhone fell to the floor with a Big Bang (and and actual Big Bang song playing). Yes, you’ve guessed it: I ruined an iPhone for the forth time… The good news is that it still works and that I had planned to buy a new phone when I’m back in England anyways, so phh, I’ll survive.

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I am a novelist by profession, currently working on an epic fantasy series about 7th century Korea. My epic fantasy trilogy about Vikings, the Hanged God, is currently being published. I have lived

enough different places that the most difficult question to answer is: "where are you from?" I am, quite simply, from the planet Earth, for I have yet to set foot on Mars. Someday, though...