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Top marks

My exam is tomorrow and I’ve only studied today. This morning we had our very last dictation and for once, the first time, and that without having studied, I got it all correct. I felt like a real Korean pro when I received that purple pig sticker plastered in my notebook.

Tomorrow is the first day of exams, starting off with an essay exam, we have to write two essays on a total of four pages (indeed, ladies and gentlemen, four pages of Korean!). The essay exam is followed by a vocabulary exam and the day is finished off by a reading test, or is the vocabulary test last? Oh, I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter, the main point here is the three exams on the same morning. We had two ‘tryout’ exams today, one reading and one vocabulary, I somehow, miraculously, passed both exams even though I had failed to study. Now there is no doubt in mind: I will pass, failing is an unknown condition.

I must admit though that today’s try-out exam were very difficult and I witnessed quite a few breakdowns because of it. So I headed to a restaurant together with Unnie and some friends after school to allow us to forget the exam for just a bit and try to relax. We bought some dokkbokki ramen and kimbap to share and it all came with some mysterious side dishes.

Oh, and while we’re (I’m) talking about octopus I am proud to announce that I now have a, more or less, set date for when I will be eating living octopus, I’m dying of both excitement and fear.

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