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The Screams of fangirls

From the title you’ve probably already guess: I saw yet another celebrity today. And this one as well is very very famous, but let’s start today’s tale from the beginning.

Today I had planned on staying at Ewha the entire day and just study lots and lot, so I went to a coffee shop in the morning. I wore my new high heels (my Korean style rain boots) since it was raining, but, as always with new shoes, my feet weren’t overly thrilled with them. I studied for a while in the coffee shop and a short after 1 pm I decided to go home and see if my roommate wanted to go out to have lunch.

There are several entrances to our dorm and normally I take an entrance from the Basement 1, but this time, thanks to my new shoes and the rain, I decided to venture in through the main entrance on the 1st floor. Just as I entered the dorm I met two girls from my roommate’s class and asked them were they were going. When they answered that they were going to see G-Dragon I said: 같이 가요! (pronounced katchi kayo) which means: let’s go together! And so we did. I called Kiki and said that I was going out and that she should just eat lunch without worrying about me.

Now, I believe, is the right time to tell you about G-Dragon. He is the leader of a very very very famous Korean group called ‘Big Bang’. Furthermore he has made a solo album and has written a hundreds of songs, many of Big Bang’s well known songs are his composition. Big Bang was actually the first group that really made me like Korean music so their music does have a special meaning for me. Their hit ‘Lies’ being the first Korean (and hip hop) song that I ever really liked:

So naturally the idea of seeing G-Dragon, who co-composed the song that brought me into k-pop (korean pop) is quite a dream come true. The place that we had to go in order to (maybe) be able to see him was quite far so we spent around 45 min on the subway in order to get there. (also notice that I finally learnt how to insert Youtube videos into my posts)

When we finally arrived it was raining terribly, so much that we all got completely soaked, but all of us, being Big Bang fans, we were convinced that it would be worth it.

When we arrived at the right stadium there were really people everywhere. None of us knew what event it was when we arrived, just that G-Dragon might be there. We walked for a while and discovered Bean Pole’s booth, a brand that G-Dragon is endorsing in South Korea. We filled out a form to win a makeover decided by G-Dragon himself, and took pictures with the real size cardboard poster.

After that it didn’t take us long to get inside the concert hall, that was already packed with people.

The small Bean Pole sponsored stage was surrounded by booths with letters on them. After looking around for a while I figured out that the event that we had arrived at was none other than an audition for mnet’s Super Star K Season 3 (a Korean program similar to X-Factor).

The music suddenly turned on to play a GD&TOP (A subgroup in Big Bang) song and all the fans started to scream as though it was the end of the world (and for people with very good hearing it must have been). It turned out that it was just a test though, so soon after all of the fans loudly complained: it was a lot of fun. This happened a couple of times before it started and the host announced that they had prepared a small surprise event for all of the hard working candidates for the show (and all of us lucky people who got in anyways).

That’s when they arrived, wearing G-Dragon masks, like the ones we had a seen a couple of fans holding. At first fans didn’t know how to react but they soon started screaming guessing that one of them was probably the real G-Dragon.

At the end of the song he appeared and there was no end to the fangirls’ screams. The girl sitting right behind me had a really really high voice and she managed to make the guys who were sitting three rows down cover their ears with of her high pitched squeals and screams.

Just as the fans had calmed down and (finally) started to stop screaming for him not to go, G-Dragon’s solo song ‘Heartbreaker’ resonated loudly in the hall.  That’s when he ran back, through the hall, back to the stage accompanied by the fans’ wild screams.

As soon as he left the hall again after finishing the song, many fangirls got up and ran to the exit and there was no doubt that they were going to run as fast as they could so that they might be able to catch a glimpse of him entering his car, before leaving. Fangirls really do have strong wills, but even stronger squeals.

We walked out and slowly walked back to the subway station again. The rain had stopped and there were people practicing for the auditions in every small corner. There were a couple of stages where volunteer audition participants performed a couple of songs and showed off their strong vocals. I must say that it was quite fun and impressive to see.

What a surprisingly successful day.

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