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The beginning of my 3rd month

I didn’t see today pass by, because I ended up sleeping most of the day. I didn’t go to bed particularly late yesterday, but I was completely unable to fall asleep, continuously thinking about all sorts of things, mainly stories that I want to write, and the script that I am continuing to work on. The good thing about this is that I am now more clear about my script, however I still haven’t had the energy to write my thoughts down, as I have been dozing off the entire day. It was my first time in South Korea having so much trouble staying awake during class.

I still can’t believe that this is how I am spending my days with only one month left in Korea (exactly 30 days from today on). But then again, without energy nothing seems possible, so reckon that taking a day or two to relax and sleep will only benefit me later on.

After school I bought two kimbap (already having predicted that I wouldn’t have enough strength to cook dinner later on) and headed directly home to my bed. I slept around four hours and finally woke up for dinner time.

I had wanted to read some of my Korean books today, but when I finally woke up I had no power to do homework, and I do feel quite guilty about reading books when I haven’t even studied, so instead I watched some korean shows. I know, that is supposed to make me feel just as guilty right? Well actually I usually don’t feel guilty when watching TV shows, as long as they are in Korean, because I can easily regard it as a form of studying, as I will improve my listening skills as well as my reading skills at the same time, since most Korean shows have Korean captions, similar to subtitles. Besides, Korean shows are the reason that I’ve been getting so many praises about my Korean skills, and before coming here they were the only way I managed to learn Korean.

I still haven’t studied, and I am not going to. I have no strength. But I have finally come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t feel guilty about reading, so I am going to try and read The Little Mermaid in korean (my first Korean picture book) and then sleep some more (I feel like I am lacking a lot of sleep lately).


My shopping results from last Friday.

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