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Shoes and the forgotten

As it turns out I am really good at doing my homework on Saturday mornings, but only on saturday mornings. That’s how I finished the 22 pages in the workbook due for tomorrow and the two additional papers this morning before I had my well deserved breakfast (that had doubled in size to congratulate me on finishing: two pieces of toast instead of one).

About two hours later we set off for Ewha shopping streets (just outside of the uni, one of the best shopping places in Seoul). We stopped at every second store as we were searching for shoes (my shoes situation was pretty bad this morning) and clothes.

The result?

All good, and korean style. Yes, that is a blister on my right food, cause by the flip flops. My feet haven’t been good friends with flip flops in many years. I suppressed my Western instincts to get rain boots and bought a pair of very high heels and a pair of flats instead, as a real Korean would have.

I’m only here for about 2 months more but I reckon that I have to do my best and learn as much from the Koreans as I can, so currently I’m learning the Korean language and Korean fashion. I’ve talked briefly about this before but I’ve admired Korean girls since I arrived here, their ability to survive in any kind of weather with high heels and a short skirt is very fascinating. From what I’ve heard apparently high heels makes good rain boots as well as the feet tend to survive the wet weather, so I’ll be giving it a shot, now I just hope that I want fall in the rain with them on. But the good thing about being a foreigner is that I can try all that I want but if it doesn’t work for me, at the end of the day I’ll still be excused and can easily return to being the odd looking foreigner again.

Both shoes cost me 30000 (~150 Danish crowns), well actually the flats costed 29000, but that’s almost the same thing. The high heels were first priced 45000 though but I asked for a discount and got it (thanks to Unnie who is a pro at asking for discounts).

Unnie bought a bag, two shirts and a skirt (her first pencil skirt). I reckon that even Unnie is starting to get a bit more Korean style, she has been wearing a very obvious Hong Kong style this far, but she is slowly starting to buy up Korean style clothes. She now has 7100 won left on her birthday present card (I gave her a ‘gift card’ for shopping to use any time that we are out shopping together).

We almost bought couple PJ’s but the ones that we found weren’t quite cool enough so now we’re keeping our eyes open for better Couple shirts. And yes, no worries, I will expand on this trend of couple clothes, but not now, when we’ve gotten our couple shirts I promise that I’ll do my best to introduce this fashion that seems to scare so many western guys.

We ended our tour of Ewha shopping district with Korean Waffles, very popular with the girls here, especially at Ewha.

Today I also got a hold of some older photos that I had almost forgotten all about. These are photos that have been passed around from friends to friends and have been circulating between all of us for quite a while but never made their way to me soon enough to pop up on my blog on the right day.

First off we have some better photos of our encounter with Super Junior in Lotte World:

Next we have a couple of photos from our dinner out in town on Unnie’s brithday.

Two more photos. The first one is from the museum in Lotte World and the other one is taken in Myungdong. It’s always fun to hang out many people together but somehow I end up having more fun when it is just me and Unnie, because we always joke around a lot and there is no language problems between us as we just speak Korean and English together. When there are others they often speak Mandarin or Cantonese, so it can be difficult to join their conversations as I will only understand a couple of words here and there. Besides when too many girls go out together everything takes a very long time as no one wants to take the final decision to do anything and everyone wants to go into different shops.

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