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Today we started our second Korean book. But before that we had our daily dictation. I was quite nervous about the dictation as I hadn’t studied for it because of yesterday’s events, it ended up being around 1am when I finished writing my blog and at that time I realised that that only left me with six and a half hour of potential sleep, so I hurried to bed. Thankfully I made a good dream so I ended up having plenty of energy today. In the dictation I somehow managed to only misspell one word and the best part about that is that the word that I misspelled is a word that I know very well and misspelled because I was hurrying (it was 꿈, pronounced Goum, meaning: dream).

When class was over my roommate went out with some classmates for lunch but for once I didn’t go with them as I didn’t feel hungry (having ‘strangled’ my hunger with a kimbap during our break). When they finished lunch Unnie called me and we went to the super market together with one of her classmates. Every single weekend we go to the supermarket, these small routinely event are what makes me feel like I really belong here and I really enjoy them.

You might, or might not, remember that a banana milk broke when Unnie went home from the supermarket alone with a heavy box full of goods about two weeks ago, well this time as well Unnie was ‘lucky’. It wasn’t banana milk this time around, today it was an egg that broke. Just that small egg managed to make Unnie upset.

Apart from that nothing much happened today. While I was waiting for Unnie to call me after her meal I surfed the net for a while and found out that SHINee, my favorite k-pop group, is in Korea at the moment. I got a bit excited until I realised that I wouldn’t be able to see them, for a very simple reason: lack of time. Our mid-term tests are next Thursday and Friday and I really need to study properly for them as I have hard time remembering the vocabulary that we have learnt (my room mate is dead set on pulling an all-nighter over the weekend to study, I’m not sure she will survive it). I then found out that they might be attending a festival in the South in about three weeks to perform for a short while, the problem is that they will attend on a Friday and the place is so far South that i would have to skip school in order to go, not to mention get up early in order to spend 7 hours getting there, yay. I’m not so sure that I am far enough into my routine in order to skip classes yet, I’m mainly scared of falling behind, so at the moment I’m just thinking very hard about this.

Introducing my longest essay ever written in Korean. It was so long that I ran out of space and had to write on invisible lines.

The title of my essay is a bit of a word play so I felt quite proud as a wrote it, I wasn’t sure that the teacher would get it though, so I wrote a reference in brackets underneath…

To finish off my essay (about family and family members) I described in what country my family lives (or rather my family members) and wrote that I am currently living in Seoul for a while. I continued by writing that I like Seoul so much that I don’t want to leave and go back to England again. Just as I wrote those last words down on the paper I realised that they were completely true. Actually, it’s more than just not wanting to go back, it’s to the point that I’m scared of going back. I’m so happy here now and when I think of leaving it breaks my heart and I wonder: I will ever be able to be as happy in England as I am here?

You don’t have to tell me, I know the answer: I just have to invest time in it, right? But my soul already belongs to Seoul. Do I really have to force it away with a tiny bit of hope of being as happy in England? I reckon I will have to go to Korean Rehab when I’m back in Europe so I can start afresh again.

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