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My new best friend: ECC

ECC is short for Ewha Campus Complex and that has got to be Ewha Woman’s University’s trademark. It really is a remarkable piece of architecture that captures the busy modern city look as well as the calm university spirit.

Oh, now that I come to think of me, my header is actually a photo of myself in front of ECC (taken while it was still sunny) so you can see it at the top of the page.

But here comes the question: what exactly is ECC? Well, it is a sort of underground building that flaunts some big stairs and ‘park’ walks on the sides. Well, I knew that much before coming to South Korea, yet I wondered: what is it, really? What is inside? Well, since I spent most of my day at ECC today let me brief you.

The two lowest levels (B5-B6) are parking spaces. Above, on level B4, there are quite a lot of different things, including, but not limited to, a coffee shop, a cinema, a restaurant, a café lounge, a small concert hall and a fitness center. On level B3 One can find numerous offices, such as the student service center, as well as reading halls, including the one I spent most of my time at today, and a prayer room. Level B2 mainly consist of classrooms, seminar rooms and more offices. And finally B1 almost only consists of classrooms.

However, while studying I discovered some quite mysterious mistakes in my vocabulary notes. They include writing down the same words about three times, terrible English misspelling and the following:

Now for the average European there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong here, the odd part pops up in the Korean in second last word, in front of where it says: to be tired. Actually 피곤합니다 (pronounced: píguanhamnida) does indeed mean tired, but the problem here is that it isn’t in it’s infinitive like all of the other words, it ought to have been: 피곤하다 (pronounced: p´guanhada). When I read it I just thought: wow I really must have meant it when I wrote that, and i could just imagine how tired I must have felt. Ok, I realise that translating that joke just made it terrible, I’ll try to stop with it, but I swear I found it funny. And, I am sure that you are all able to tell that I am very 피곤합니다 (tired) today as my jokes are getting further and further away from the ordinary, whatever that is anyways.

Before heading to ECC to study today I ate lunch at the canteen with the other’s as usual, however today, differently from usual, I really felt like a student.

I’m too tired to keep writing today, and I’m not sure I can handle any more English wither, as Korean fills up too much space in brain at the moment. So I I will leave you here after giving you today’s bonus: fail English on Ewha’s homepage.

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