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Laughter is better than pain killers

I apologise for missing two days on my blog, but it all has a reason that I will get down to now.

I love writing so I do take it seriously, even if it is just a short diary alike blog like this one, and I have one Golden rule concerning writing that I am not ready to break yet. That rule is that I am no allowed to write if I don’t have positive thoughts. This is because if I start writing with bad thoughts in my head then my writing will both be depressing and poor, which will only enforce my initial poor feelings and make me feel sorry for myself: a very evil circle to fall into.

So I didn’t write for the past days because the only thing I have been doing for the past two days is to lay still in bed while crying and complaining about the pain in my neck. No really, that does pretty accurately describe my past days.

For a long time I have had trouble with my neck and sometimes if I get too stressed, sleep in an odd position, or look down too much, my neck starts hurting severely. I reckon that the reason for my neck hurting this time around is the later, as I have been studying, and when I sit at my desk and write down the words that I need to memorise I look down, which puts pressure on my neck.

Ok, I’ve identified the condition and the cause, however the correct recovery process is more difficult to pin down. On the short term, as in for the rest of my stay in South Korea, I have figured out a solution, and then when I get back to Europe I will have to find a solution for long term recovery. Usually massaging my feet, hand or neck/shoulders helps, so that is what I spent most of yesterday doing, once I had dried away the black tears from my cheeks (oh, I need me some waterproof make-up). And it actually helped, the pain has now moved from my entire neck to a small part of it, and down to my shoulders as well, that in turn have turned red with a slight hint of purple because of the insistent hot water and massage treatment that they were victim to yesterday.

People have been telling me to get this or that medicine but I don’t take medicine, so there are no pain-killers for me. Thankfully I do know the best way to cure any illness, no matter what the condition is, there is just one thing that can cure everything: laughter. So I have been trying to find something funny to watch while I relax and I have made up quite a few funny stories for my own entertainment.

What is more I have found a temporary solution for days when my neck hurts (and my shoulders are surviving, unlike today). It gives me a new edge:

I have named this new look: ‘A wild night out’, because if this wonderful accessory is accompanied by a pair of sunglasses, untamed hair and high heels it looks like I got  bit too much to drink the previous night and ended up in a hospital.

Unnie helped me to buy this wonder yesterday (as she refused to let me out of the house to get it myself). I tried it on briefly yesterday but urgently had to take it off again because of the terrible smell of disinfectant on it. I felt like an insect surrounded by insect repellent spray when I put it on (I never have been very good with strong smells). I washed it immediately and it is now hanging to dry. Actually it is almost dry, just a bit humid but when I tried it on this morning I had to take it off again right away, it is very comfortable for my neck, but today it is my purple shoulders are refusing it.

Not being able to ear this thing today has resulted in me staying home from school once again, as the only way I have of sitting up now without my neck hurting is a towel that I have temporarily secured around my neck, and I can’t go to school with that. Besides I am still worried about having to look down in order to write down key words in class once again. I went home from school yesterday after the first break and the only reason I stayed so long is because we started the morning with some sort of group work. Well it isn’t really group work, we get partnered up and have to come up with a scenario similar to the one we studied in the book, and then do role play in front of the rest of the class. But as soon as that was done with I had made up my mind and went home. Tomorrow, however, I have decided to try and go to school again, even if my condition is the same (I can’t keep staying at home or I will simply fall way too much behind).

So, as you might be able to guess I haven’t studied at all for a while. But, even though I haven’t studied, I have got a lot of thinking done (there isn’t really a lot else to do when the only thing you can really do is laying still in bed while being unable to fall asleep because of the pain). What is more I even started reading 인어공주 : The Little Mermaid.

I like this book very much, obviously I like the story, but regarding the Korean as well, it is completely my level, even though it is written in a tense that we haven’t learnt, and I get very proud every time I read a four lined sentence and understand it all. I will have to buy myself some more picture books, I am enjoying reading this way too much.

Wait, maybe this is one of the reasons why I love learning new languages so much, it makes it possible to feel like a child all over again: you experience the same satisfaction from reading and understanding a picture book as you did when you were small and read that one picture book you liked so much without the help of an adult for the first time.

Random fact of the day: ‘The Little Mermaid’ is not called ‘The Little Mermaid’ in Korean she is called ‘The Mermaid Princess’.

I actually write about her in my essay from a couple of days ago, we had to write a description of a sightseeing course from somewhere in the world and I decided to write the royal sightseeing course of Copenhagen, from the little mermaid statue to Amalienborg (is that even how you spell it? I am not sure since I just spelled it in Korean…). Writing about the Little mermaid this time reminded me of the time in high-school when I got completely bitten with Peter Pan and wrote my Extended Essay on it. I reckon that I will never stop loving my fairytales.

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