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Just checking in (from our house)

I’m going to make it short today, just checking in and saying hello.

So let’s get down to it: what did I do today? Well first off I finished my homework, oh yeah! The title is: Our lovely house ❤ (in Korean).

I then went down into town (= 500 meters outside of our room) to buy a new wallet, as my old one had been suffering a painfully slow death for the past month.

I also bought a new ‘chain’ for my key necklace. Well, it is not really a chain just cheap fabric but it looks ok, so all is fine. I really needed a new one as the old chain started to tint my skin blue, no more buying cheap jewelry. I went a bit more shopping crazy as I bought a cute hair accessory (my hair really needs decoration) and some socks with SHINee’s Taemin on them (they were cheap and I really needed socks). And yes, I do have an excuse for every single thing that I buy, I’m terrible like that.

I went home and studied more, (yay, don’t we just love studying?) before I headed to Hyehwa to meet up with a Korean friend that I skyped with before coming here and his friend. It was very nice and we just talked for a while over dinner and desert.

Oh actually, before I go on, I just wanted to add that I had my first slightly scary experience in Korea today. While I was waiting for both of them to arrive (as a true Dane I arrived 3 min early) two foreign men approached me (and that is foreign as in non-Korean, maybe American, I think). They tried to strike up a conversation and asked if I wanted to go have a drink with them, I slowly drifted away, pretending not to hear, but they didn’t get the hint and kept at it, even asking for my phone number. I said that I really couldn’t and that I was waiting for friends before asking them to leave, in my coldest possible voice. I am not sure if they were dumb or ignorant but they still didn’t get the hint and kept at it, I turned towards them and gave them my killer eyes look while saying that I was busy and wasn’t going anywhere with them and then asked them if they would be kind enough to leave. That set them off, slowly strolling down the street again. I find it slightly amusing that my first (and this far only) bad experience in Korea was caused by foreigners. Anyways, I am just happy that I got rid of them as they were quite creepy.

I had a hunch of it before but today it was confirmed: life as a Korean living in Korea is indeed difficult as everything is quite expensive compared to their income. When I found this out I felt so thankful that I am a Dane and was born in Denmark. Since I’ve arrived I’ve had this thought in my mind several times a day. No, not because I dislike Korea, I really love it here, but because I keep realising how lucky I am to have grown up in a country where living in a house with a garden, for example, isn’t something abnormal and having the luck to get SU every month and parents who always support me with their everything. When I think about all of the wonderful things like that, I really realise just how lucky a person I am. My wishes always come true and I have never in my life doubted that I was a lucky person, I am just more aware of it now than I ever have been.

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