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Images on my mind

I bought a tripod yesterday.

I have, as most girls, once had a dream of being a model. It lasted for about a year until I realised that I was too short to be a model and didn’t have a pretty enough face to be a petite model (as in a model whose height isn’t important). It came as a disappointment as most such discoveries do.

So, remembering that time I went out with my lovely camera and new gorilla tripod (they are very practical as you can set the up anywhere and tie them to almost anything).

I recently joined a site called lookbook, where various people around the world post photos of themselves wearing different kinds of clothes and labeling the clothes with brand names, and so on. So the mission of the day was to get one or two photos that I could post on lookbook. I’d say that it was a success.

I prepared two sets of clothes and headed out in the cold rainy day to look for locations. I walked up the hill to Calton Gardens and discovered an amazing view (as well as some good locations). Dolores, my landlord, had tipped me to go up there only a few days earlier, so I am glad that I finally went as it was worth it.

I didn’t suffer as much as I thought I would (having decided to take the photo barefooted yesterday evening). I reckon that the little suffering was well spent though, the photo came out nicely.

And so it went on.

It was fun and I’ve already planned the clothes for my next small ‘photo-shoot’. I’m glad I bought this tripod.

Before I bought it I was walking around town and witnessed a scene that made me giggle. Three boys, probably around 14 years old, were standing outside a lingerie shop debating how they would be able to get into the shop without attracting too much attention. There it is, the undeniable fact: if you just open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you, you will find that there is always something funny or unusual going on. That’s why I love to walk around town, staring at people, listening in on conversations, give unknown faces names and jobs. People watching is a wonderful pass-time.

Before I bought my tripod yesterday something else happened (that pushed me to the decision of buying a tripod as I needed to cheer myself up). I went down to the sports centre in town that I intended to join and everything looked great. But then I asked the crucial question. The one about payment. It turns out that I can’t get a membership card with them because I don’t have an English bank account, oh joy. After that my enthusiasm of joining the centre has faded quite a lot. My ambition to do sports however hasn’t faded. So I’m currently considering what sports I can do, and after my walk in Calton garden, I think that I might give running another try, again, again. It might work and I might stick with it this time around. I also wanted to start my dancing again, so if I manage to pick these things up in the next 2 weeks then I think I should be ok. I f not I’ll have to reconsider.

I don’t feel like a lot has happened in the past two weeks, but that might be because I’ve been busy with homework and adjusting to my new life. I’ve met a Korean student from Ewha who is here for a year. She is very nice and we’ve met twice. We usually speak English even though we write together in Korean. When we go out Korean is a bit like our secret language that makes it possible to talk about the people sitting at the next table or about the outrageous prices in this or that shop without offending anyone.

To finish off: I only have one more thing to share (yes, I’m managing to make a rather short post for once, as in under 1000 words). I am doing a module this year called: ‘Making a Film’ where we learn some basic film practices and get our hands on the cameras and everything else. It’s lots of fun and last Monday we spent a couple of hours making a (very) short film from a script given to us. It’s was our first try at making a film. I was in charge of the clipboard and editing so I thought’s I’d share my edit. Here it is.

That’s it for now, see you again in November.

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