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I am a workaholic

Three unknown professors joined us today in class to watch us study. I talked with one of them and she told me that she was amazed at our level, to her it didn’t seem like a level 1 class rather a level 1 or 2 and she even complimented our accents. I felt quite proud of our class when I realised that she was right.

I know that I keep praising my Korean skills, but there is actually a very good reason for this: when learning something new there are two key points needed: interest and confidence. Because without interest there is no drive to learn whatever you are learning, and without confidence you won’t be able to use what you have learnt. And praises, even self-praises are wonderful confidence boosters.

I love learning Korean but I do miss writing. I know that I write my blog every day, but that can hardly be called writing (even though it does steal quite a lot of time from me every day). What I mean when I say writing is inventing stories about people who may, or may not, be real. Or getting so worked up over the story that I am unable to sleep until I have finished writing the next page, and the page after that, and the one after that one. I miss going to Starbucks for people watching when I am desperate for a new character or ideas for a new story. And isolating myself to sit still and write for hours and hours now seems to be centuries away.

Because I miss writing I got a bit back into it today, as I took out my secret script that I am currently working on. I’ve finally, after not having worked on it for nearly two months, just thinking about it occasionally, come closer to a good format for it, and wow that took its time. I reckon that it will be a really good script once I finish it, but right now it is a lot of work just waiting for me, calling for me every time I try to relax or when I lay still at night, unable to sleep. I’ve denied it it’s time while being in South Korea because I’ve prioritised my sleep (learning a new language requires a lot of energy), so I have decided to give it full priority when I reach Europe some time next month. I still find it amazing that writing has become such a big part of who I am after just one year, but I seem to be unable to see any interesting people without making up their entire life story, force of habit, I guess.

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