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Height of the craze

Our day started with the final exams. The first one being listening test, that I reckon went quite ok, the second one being a speaking test that I worried quite some over as I usually get nervous during speaking tests and end up getting a lot of things wrong even though I know that it is wrong. I reckon that I passed anyways, or I hope, which is the main point really.

The test was quite the mood killer, especially since the talking test had a freestyle part where the teacher just asked some question like: what are you going to do after this semester? etc. That small talk with my teacher just made me realise that I really only have two weeks left here and that thought breaks my heart.

But Unnie and me had made a plan and we were sticking to it. We headed to Myungdong to go shopping.

I went crazy shopping and we bought some sweet potatoes on the way before finally pausing the shopping craze while we got us something to eat. We got Bulgogi (literally meaning fire meat) and bibim nengmyung (bibim, a special sauce, cold noodles). I think that I have adjusted to spicy food quite well during my stay in Seoul, Unnie, on the other hand, is still struggling and felt that the food was too spicy. Thankfully she got a bit over it after a while. However we couldn’t finish everything as there really was way too much food.

I’ve almost spent 200000 won since Monday (~1000 Danish Crowns) and I spent must of that money today. No, I am not quite sure exactly how it happened either, I was certain that I had a lot of money, but then suddenly there were only four notes left in my wallet…

Well I did buy a lot, so I reckon that it is understandable.

After Myungdong we headed back to Ewha and proceeded with our plan. We visited a couple of places before we found the right one. It was where I had first wanted to go to: Juno Hair saloon. I had only heard good things about that place so we went to the one close to our university.

We got a wonderful discount, beyond our student discount, and are very satisfied to this point. Unnie wanted to curl her hair as well as color it and cut it, and because curling it takes quite some time and we came together I got a free hair treatment while I was waiting. My hair now feels like it is living and breathing again.

It did get a bit shorter, but I had anticipated that much since my hair was very damaged, besides hair grows out again. I had a long talk with the assistant hairdresser, who washed my hair, did my hair treatment and dried it off together with the stylist at the end. Unnie on the other hand fell asleep while getting her head massage (yup, they even give you head massages in Korean hair saloons, could life get any better?).  We will have to return again saturday so Unnie can get some color in her hair and do finishing touches.

I have to applaud the professionalism at Korean hair saloons, first off they sit you down while you wait, give you some books with a lot of hairstyles that you can flip through for ideas, and they also provide beverages. Then the stylist comes over and talks about what you want to do and how they are going to do it and then the luxury treatment begins.

If I was living in Korea for longer I’m scared that I would spend my entire days at the hair saloon getting treatments, scary yet quite appealing thought.

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