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Cheonggyecheonno stream

Today the trip went to the Cheonggyecheonno stream first, followed by a random stroll around Insadong and finished by a quite long walk in Bukchon.When we came back I almost felt too tired from so much walking to even bother to upload the photos, but I thought that I ought to do it anyways, since I feel that I will stop writing if I skip a day just because I am too tired. I even ended up using a facial mask that I bought the other day in Myeongdong here tonight in order to treat myself (and stay awake long enough to post this). You might even see my smile fade slightly in the last images as I felt too tired to do anything…

We had planned to take a look around campus first thing in the morning. But, as it turns out, the morning was done because Unnie was soundly asleep until 11:30… So instead we started the day by visiting Cheonggyecheonno stream.

Cheonggyecheonno stream was a very calm and nice place, just as I thought (even though I kind of had to drag unnie there she ended up liking it a lot). We decided to come back to Cheonggyecheonno sometime in the future during the afternoon to do our homework by the stream with our feet in the water.

We then headed to Insadong, nearby, and wandered the streets. I bought some Hong-Kong-nese desert cakes and shared it with unnie. We went to a famous shopping place in Insadong and discovered the infamous Ddong cakes (=poo cakes). Yes,  I know what you are thinking: disgusting. Well to be honest I didn’t try them this time around (I was still busy eating desert form Hong Kong) but it looked good even though it was poo shaped.

After that we wandered further up the street and discovered a famous café that was featured in a Korean TV-reality show called We Got Married and then further up the the road to reach Bukcheon. On the way we got a bit lost and accidentally ended up in front of the Residence of the Prime Minister, but oh well yet another place discovered.

In Bukchon we started searching for a famous house that we both wanted to see because we had  seen it in a drama previously (‘Personal Preference’with Lee Minho). And after a quite short while (and getting lost) we actually did find it. A beautiful traditional Korean house.

At that point we were too tired and hungry to continue our plans so we headed back to Ewha Woman’s University and bought some street food to eat on our way to the dormitory.

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