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As seen above I got 42.8/50 in my essay exam. I ran out of time while writing the second part so I lost quite a lot of points on that, but thankfully still managed to get over 40. I got 47.6/50 in my listening exam and 47/50 in my reading exam. I still haven’t gotten my grammar exam and speaking exam results, but I think that I might get them on monday.

Again today there was a lot of crying going on, with the exam results coming out some cry over that and others cry over leaving, but everyone seems to have semi bitter thoughts at the moment.

To cheer up a bit Unnie and me bought a cup of chicken (that I finally remembered to take a photo off, even though the photos bare shows the chicken) and went to our usual waffle house to get us some Korea ice waffles.

Spending my days shopping like this buries the sorrows surrounding the difficult goodbyes that surround us every day in school and shifts the problem on how to transport all of these goods back to Europe. I think that I will have to visit a post office quite soon.

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