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Finally tried it! Korean BBQ: Samgyeopsal!

I started the day with my lessons as usually and when I came home i realised that my shoes were completely ruined because of the rain so i had to throw them out. Now the problem is that I don’t have any other shoes that I can really wear so I put on my flip flops and decided to go to Myungdong to try and find some shoes.

Off I went and when I had walked around Myungdong for a while, not finding anything good and started thinking about just going home, my feet already bleeding because of the flip flops (my feet and flip flops just don’t work well together) someone approached me on the street. An asian man with a very American accent asked me where he could find mainstream shops such as Zara, Levis’, etc. I explained it to him and he asked another question, and another, and yet another. That’s when he invited me to coffee, I thought it wouldn’t hurt (and definitely not as much as my feet were hurting) so we went to a coffee shop and just talked for a while. Turns out that he was from Hong Kong, was half Korean and half chinese, but grew up in Hong Kong and had lived in Paris for three years because of work. He was in Seoul only for a couple of days for business but had a free day (today) but got lost in Myungdong (I know that way too well). We had a nice chat and parted about an hour later. A random encounter in Myungdong, but this one was not creepy, completely different from being approached by westerns last week.

I went home, disappointed that I hadn’t been able to find any shoes and soon after Unnie came home. She had gone to the embassy to get an alien card (it’s a card that foreigners can get, called an alien card). She was dying of hunger so I invited her out for dinner: for Korean BBQ in Shincheon.

Lokty had gone to a really cheap place a couple of days ago so we tried to find it, but Lokty couldn’t remember where it was so she wasn’t really able to explain it over the phone.

Lokty had gone to see 2pm, f(x) and some other Korean singers today I considered going as well, but decided not to for two reasons: The first one being that I didn’t have any proper shoes to wear and the second being that the groups that I really want to see the most aren’t there: SHINee, MBLAQ, Big Bang, 2NE1 and B2ST. Honestly after having seen quite some celebrities already the celebrity craze has kind of left me (it was about time) now there are just those five  groups that I really want to see.

Back to topic: we somehow ended up finding the right place after a while of searching. It was still day when we found it but by the time that we got out again after eating it was pitch black already.

We stayed there for two hours, eating. We had to finished everything that we had taken (it was a buffet), because if we didn’t finish we would have to pay an additional 5000 won, besides it tasted quite good. When we walked out it was quite late and there were a lot of people in Shincheon, most of them probably going out for a meal or nore bang (Korean style karaoke room) with friends. While me and Unnie were talking about something completely random, as always, there was a random guy who randomly (yes, everything was quite random today) said ‘hi’ to us as he hastily walked by on the busy street. It was very random and funny, so random and funny that we laughed for a good 10 minutes afterwards because of it.

As we went home we walked slowly, looking at shops, but everything was starting to close down so I still don’t have any shoes, I’ll have to buy tomorrow.

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