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Day 45: Freedom after exams!

Finally my midterms are finished. My midterms account for half of my total grade at the end of the semester. I think I did well on today's exams.

Today was a normal school day, except that instead of classes it was all exams.

This morning started with an essay writing exam that lasted 80 minutes. I had to write two essays within this time. One was an essay that I had written for class and another a new essay. I turned out to be a little difficult, but I did fill out the papers to my best abilities. I didn't stop to write for the entire 80 minutes. I have never written so fast in my life... And I am a writer. I think I did okay on this. I shall giv myself a predicted grade of 82/100.

The second exam was a grammar exam, which was easier than I had feared and than our practice paper. It lasted 50 minutes and I had about five minutes left at the end to go through my answers again. I think I did well on that, maybe 92/100.

The day's last exam was a 70 minutes reading exam that was 10 pages long. I am good at reading so I wasn't nervous about this one... But wow was it different from how I thought it would be. I panicked when I got the paper, because the first page was something we haven't had any practice. It was titles of news articles and we had to pick from a list of four options what the article would be about. Now this in itself doesn't sound so difficult, but the words in the title and the descriptions were tough. I don't think I've ever seen tough words like that before. I could only eliminate half of the questions and then I just had to close my eyes and pick an answer.

Thankfully, when I turned onto the third page, it was long texts with three accompanying questions, and that is exactly what we have practiced and what I am good at. I spent half an hour on my first two pages, but then I finished the remaining 8 in twenty minutes and had a long time to be able to read through my answers and attempt the first two pages again, with a higher success rate this time, I do believe. I think I did well on this one too. Maybe 90/100..?

So overall I think I have passed with decent scores, but time will tell. At least now the exams are over!

To celebrate half of our class went out to eat lunch together, which was fun, and after lunch a few of us proceeded took the subway to City Hall to go iceskating, which was great fun!

I am very bad at iceskating, but it was still fun and a good way to release all of the exam stress.

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