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Day 30: Christmas feast

After a long trip to Busan yesterday, we got up pretty late this morning. This is our one day off for the holidays, and so our day only started after noon with coarse voices.

Thankfully we don't appear to have caught ill but we got home very late last night. Not only was the train supposed to take five hours, but it got delayed and ended up taking five and a half hours. At which point, the subways had stopped running so we were in need of an emergency plan.

The taxi line outside the station was huge, and we didn't have the patience but we found a bus that stopped at Yonsei University, which is the uni right next to ours, and took that bus and made our way home through the back gate. All in all it probably turned out a lot quicker than taking the metro.

But still it was 2 am by the time we were home and ready to go to sleep, and then I had to work. so being awake from 5am to 2am, means that today was a tired day used for catching up on sleep.

But, it is the 25th, and although my roommate and I celebrate Christmas on the 24th, we couldn't let this perfectly fine day pass us by, so we invited our Spanish friend for a Fried Chicken and Pizza feast.


The chicken place alone gave us six chopsticks, because we couldn't possible be eating two entire chicken just the three of us (they also gave us three big desk calendars, because why not), and then we also bought two pizzas to top it off. It was great and I ate way more than my stomach could handle, but it was delicious and hence worth it.

Ah Korean food, how I have missed you. It's nice to catch up again.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I'm off to work and then sleep now, since there are classes tomorrow again. And tomorrow is a special day. I'm getting a new teacher for the first time, and my current teacher is so great and awesome that I'm a little nervous about the new teacher not being able to live up to the extremely high expectations.

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