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Day 13: Market

​​Today the day started with some 3000 won (roughly 2.5 Euro or 3 USD) Donkatsu. As I told you yesterday, life in Korea is all about food.

After that it was off to do some shopping. My mission for the day was to find a winter jacket, because I only have a regular coat and it is starting to get way too cold for that.

So we went to a place called DongMyo, which I guess you can describe as a huge flea market. You have stalls and small shops that sell all kinds of things, accessories and nicknacks, and a lot that sell clothes. Clothes are often lain out in huge bundles on some plastic on the floor or on a table, and all the clothes there will be at one price (most of the items in those bundles sell for 5000 won, which is roughly 4 Euro and 4.5 USD, but they can go as high as twice of that price).

I was looking for something specific though: a winter jacket, and those are a little more expensive. Especially since I wanted one with some padding that was thick and would keep me warm even in the snowy winter.

There were many options but a lot of the ones that I liked didn't have padding, or they weren't actually that warm. But we looked around and finally I found one that I quite liked for 30 000 won (23 Euro or 27.5 USD), which I feel like isn't bad for a jacket that'll keep me warm over winter. I considered buying two different ones, but figured I could always go back and buy something different. At least now I will be warm.

And boy was it warm. On the subway home, I almost wished I hadn't bought a jacket because it was filled with people and so very warm, but then when we arrived at the station and walked down the street to the university, I really feel the difference. Usually my legs are warm because I wear long trousers, but today they were the only part of me that was a little cold.

I call this: mission success, and I will be back to DongMyo for more bargains.

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