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My Travels now

My last proper blog post about travelling was at the beginning of 2018. Since then I have been to Argentina, Berlin, England, and all around South Korea. I have upcoming trips to New Zealand and Singapore planned too, but I will not be blogging about these experience.

The reason is simple.

Lack of Time.

I first started blogging when I went to asia for nearly 3 months in 2011. At the time it was a way to keep my family and friends updated on what I was doing, and to tell them not to worry.

The world looked a little different back then, and contacting my family was not always easy due to time differences and a lack of technology.

When I went back to Korea in 2017, it felt natural to blog again, but more so, it felt like a challenge to see how much I could handle.

I had to follow my Korean lessons, get good grades, but on top of that I also set myself the goal of blogging almost daily, and finally I had to work on my novel every single day. I succeeded, and the 3 months scooped by quickly as I laughed with my roommate into the late evenings, but having to both write a blog and my novel after my roommate went to sleep meant that I rarely went to sleep before 2am, and in the long run, that isn't sustainable for me. I need sleep to be able to think.

So this is why I no longer do travel blogs, although my travels are a lot more interesting now than they used to be.

Simply put: I would rather spend more time writing my novels and editing them than having to manage a diary-like blog.

However, I will still occasionally be seen sharing photos on Instagram, or maybe even on twitter. So, if you're interested to see what I am up to theses days, you can follow me there, or leave me a comment here.

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