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Lucky 칠 (seven)

We only came back home at 4am again this Saturday, or well at that point it was already Sunday, so my blog had to wait for today.

Our evening started at 6pm when me and Unnie met up with two other of our friends and headed out to get us some Korean BBQ.

Once we were done with our eating we decided that we still didn’t feel like going home, and finally decided to head to a Bowling center, since one of our friends loves bowling. When we arrived there it turns out that all of the lanes were taken, and we suddenly realised that three of us didn’t have socks, so we would have to borrow from the bowling center. But, feeling that borrowing them was a little dirty and also expensive, two of us headed out to buy some socks.When we finally got back again we got our lane right away and started to showcase our lacking bowling skills.

We played yet another round and this time the losers would have to buy us all ice-cream. We changed teams again and my team won with a 88 versus a 54. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t lose, not because I know how to bowl (because I don’t) but simply because I am too lucky to lose: I always have been a lucky girl. Besides, how can I not be lucky when my nickname is the Korean word for seven (ever heard of lucky number seven? well that is me).

This Norebang was a lot cleaner than the one we went into the previous night and they also had a lot of new songs, and their song repertoire was a lot better organised, however the price was also higher, at 20000 won (~100 Danish crowns) for an hour. If it hadn’t been so expensive we might have bought more hours and stayed in Hongdae longer, but now that I see how late we got backI think that it is probably for the better.

Also, while we were in Hongdae we saw an event where people cued up to get some vitamin water and cued up as well. At first it looked like we had to answer some question in order to get a bottle, but instead it turns out that we just had to listen to what the person said. The person that we cued up in front of was a young man and I couldn’t help wondering why he was wearing sunglasses at 1AM, not seeing the reason, but eventually accepting it as a fact. I was surprised, and happy, that I was able to understand everything that he said as he was introducing this brand new product. They had four vitamin waters and, of course, I got the one I wanted the most: Skin glow. I still haven’t tasted it but I will definitely drink it all some time later. After we had gotten our bottles one of the people at the small event, in charge of taking pictures, snapped a couple of us as well before we disappeared further into the night.

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