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Day 14 in Hong Kong

I’m becoming worse at taking pictures, I admit. I seem to forget my camera as of late. I guess it’s because I’ve been here long enough to get used to everything so I never think about taking photos unless I go someplace special that I haven’t been before. And lately I’ve become a bit travel-lazy, so that doesn’t happen that often.

I now only have five days left until I leave so now it’s time to revisit the places that I liked the best, that is why Kei, her grandmother and I went to the place where I first tried Dim Sum again.

Just like last time it was delicious and this time I also got to try cow stomach and intestines.

In the evening I went to Kei’s house again where her grandmother had prepared food for us. Hong Kong has an amazing variety of foods and I love going out to eat here, but I must admit that nothing is quite as good as a home-cooked meal.

Before leaving her house Kei gave me some old photos from Korea, and wow a lot of memories that brought up. Still thinking about it now, it’s incredible all the things we did together in those short three months. Just thinking about it makes me slightly nostalgic.

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