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Cute Korea

Today again I have to brag because I bought a lot of cheap and cute things! Or well not a lot, five things, but still. Unnie thought that some of it was slightly expensive though, but for me it was all Peng Leng Cheng (remember this? cheap, cute and everything good in cantonese, I use this every day). All in all I spent 6,200 won (~30 Danish crowns). I honestly love the store where we bought this. It’s called ART BOX (I know, just the name spells awesome right?).

They had so many cute things and quite a lot of things that I wanted to buy for myself and as gifts (get the hint?). Yes: this is the point where you are supposed to give me your address so I can send you some cute korean goodies.

Now you might be looking at this picture and thinking: awww how cute! but… what is it? Well let me elaborate on my wonderful goodies then. Let’s start at the top right one, the cute panda. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a (very) cute panda shaped notebook that I am going to use for dictations (to give the teacher at the end of the test instead of a paper).

Going down I hereby present an adorable animal folder for all of the loose papers that I get in class. Laying at the bottom is a cute bear vocabulary note book. a very small notebook that is easy to carry around where you can write vocabulary that you need to learn in it, so you can easily study on the metro, for example.

To its left you will see an adorable bear fan that only costed me 700 won (~3,5 Danish crowns) and makes great wind that is very much needed and appreciated here in the hot weather.

And, finally, we reach my favorite product (that I had wanted to buy about a week ago when I went to Hongdae with Unnie and went into this same shop). It is a simple notebook that doesn’t look that special at first, just slightly cute. But on it is written something truly adorable: ‘넌내꼬야 <3’ (pronounces: neon neggo ya) which means: you are mine! or You belong to me! Both me and Unnie went crazy when we first saw it and we both had to buy one. we have been talking about the notebook since we first saw it so finally now that we both possess this notebook we feel very much at ease.

I am done with my advertising for the day. I suddenly felt like a Korean salesperson, here in Korea advertising is quite big. In front of many shops (mainly cosmetic shops, since that is the biggest industry here) you will have a person (usually a woman) trying to attract clients by constantly talking about how good these products are and why you should try them, etc. Sometimes you will also have a person dressed up in some costume for example as Garfield to advertise a cat café nearby, or something similar.

Class this morning wasn’t as difficult as last week, maybe because I studied a lot yesterday at the CheongGyeCheonNo stream? I still have to study hard tonight but I’m happy that I didn’t feel that it was as difficult today. We just learnt how to talk about dates, weekdays and places today so it’s all pretty easy and I only really need to learn the weekdays, the rest I already know (since it’s very easy) so there isn’t be too much homework for tomorrow.

After we were done with class we went to the canteen and got some food with Kiki’s class as usual. This time a Frenchman joined so I spoke a bit of French, I think he thought that I was French at first, but then I made a grammar mistake about one hour later and told him that that often happens to me because I haven’t lived in France full time for six years.

Anyways, afterwards some of us headed to MyungDong because we had to buy notebooks but also because Kiki and Lokty had to exchange their Hong Kong dollars to Korean Won. MyungDong is really packed with cute things, but then again most places in Seoul are, from what I’ve seen. Yay for another successful day in Seoul, South Korea. (I also bought an awesome Ice-cream, here the soft-ice-creams are huuuuge, a picture will follow shortly).

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