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Today we went bicycling in Tai Shui Hang, New Territories. At first we took four normal bicycles, but Kei wasn’t very good at riding it and it took a long time so after a while Zoe’s boyfriend and I cycled back to the store to change two normal bicycles to a double bicycle. On the way back he told me to sit at the front and because of my poor skills we almost died a couple of times, but somehow made it back to Kei and Zoe alive.

We then cycled along the water for a long time and took a couple of (very) long breaks once and again. Halfway out on the way we ran into a Vitamin water truck that gave away free Vitamin water, we couldn’t have been much happier to see it.

It was a very fun trip, but after the many km that we biked we had all been transformed into zombies when we arrived back at Tai Shui Hang. So we headed in for some lunch, at around 4pm… I got to try a chinese honey drink and got some noodles too. I always find it interesting how one almost always has to order a soft drink here in Hong Kong, I haven’t drunk water to a meal at all since I arrived the most plain drink I’ve had has been chinese flower tea. Yet back in Europe I would always drink water to my meal.

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