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All those lovely people

I had just gotten started on writing my blog when something unusual happened that kept me from continuing, so I am starting all over again. So this time I will keep it short and post it before I head out on this saturday afternoon.

Miraculously everyone actually showed up for class today. Lately there have always been at least one or two students sick at home, but today that wasn’t the case, so we took a class photo. It turned out to also be our classmate Saori’s last day so I think that we all felt lucky to have come.

I had plans to meet some Korean friends after class so I headed home and got some quick lunch before heading out. Unnie had plans to go out with some of the japanese girls in her class, just as we two Friday’s previously. Already at this point I was a bit worried about wether she would be able to wake up the next morning (= today), Japanese girls are known to like alcohol a lot and be very good drinkers, but I decided to believe that she would probably be fine as usual.

I met up with my Korean friends, but ended up being late, aish, I am not French enough yet to be late. I got introduced to a girl from my school, as in Ewha Woman’s University. It turns out that she also lives in halls, even though she lives at the other end of campus, so we have promised to meet up sometime during the next couple of weeks since she is on holiday and I have decided to not study that seriously for the final exam but rather have fun in my last weeks here.

We went bowling (my continuous beginners luck seems to have abandoned me) and then for diner but then the girl form Ewha had to leave for a student demonstration. I am not quite sure why they demonstrating but it seems to be a quite serious thing here, but don’t worry, it’s nothing like the London riots, which is a completely different case. A short while back Unnie’s language exchange parter also had to cancel their meeting because of a demonstration. The three of us left went for ice-cream and talked for a while inside, escaping from the rain that is continuously pouring over Seoul. Spending that much time with Koreans I realised how much about Korea I still need to learn, thankfully, I was starting to get all depressed after people telling me that there wasn’t much left to learn.

I got home at 11:30 and Unnie joined me at home only half an hour later. As I sat in front of my computer typing word after word for my blog I heard someone trying to open our front door but miserably failing. The smell of alcohol entered our room before she did. I don’t know, and neither does she, how she managed to take the elevator by herself and then take her shoes off before entering the room. She headed straight to bed and I didn’t register just how much she had been drinking before she stood up again, only to fall back on her bed because of lack of balance. I put her to bed as she kept mumbling the strangest of things. I abandoned my blog, turned off every light in our room and waited until she stopped mumbling and fell asleep. It was clear to me that she wouldn’t remember it tomorrow. And true enough she has no recollection of how she got home. I don’t know how she would have fallen asleep if she didn’t have someone to hold her hand and patiently wait. Unnie might be older than me by 8 years but at times like yesterday evening and this morning I can’t help but to feel like the mother of a teenage daughter.

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