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After class I joined my roomate to go to the immigration office to pick up her Korean ID. However, before we went we decided to get some lunch at Ewha.

Afterwards we headed to the subway and set off towards the immigration office. We had to change lines, but finally arrived after a while. When we walked inside the waiting hall I was surprised to find four of my classmates there as well. two of them had just gotten their Korean ID cards and the two others were there to apply for theirs. I call it a Korean ID because when it comes down to it that is what it is, since it has a Korean ID number on it, which is the main reason that people get one. Its actual name is different though. It is really called an Alien Card. Yes, that is correct, foreigner and alien is the same word in Korean (외국인), so I guess that when they translated it into English it became alien instead of foreigner…

I reckon that I should get myself one next time I plan on staying for a longer period in Korea, it only costs 10,000 won (~50 Danish crowns) to get one at it means that there is no real difference between what I am able to do in Korea and what a Korean is able to do in Korea. I reckon that it is worth it. But having a good friend with a Korean ID number is already a big help (it means that we can now buy Korean concert tickets without any complications, as I can read Korean and she was the Korean ID number needed to purchase them).

Once my roommate had gotten her alien card, and we had rested a bit, the two of us decided to go to a cheap supermarket: home plus. It was a bit out of the way but I really wanted to go. There were several reasons for this, the most obvious being that we need groceries and that if we didn’t go today we would have to go tomorrow. The other one being that home plus is quite cheap so it is a good place to go grocery shopping and our final reason for going to this specific one is that it is right behind the SBS building.

SBS is one of the major TV broadcast stations in South Korea and I have always been interested in places like that, maybe because I would like to work in a place like that some time in the future. My like for Korean dramas and TV-shows only made me want to see the place more, so we went.

Celebrity cars are quite easy to spot, fancy looking vans with black windows. Some people (*cough* crazy fangirls *cough*) wait somewhere where their favorite idols are scheduled to attend and then note down the number plate of the car that brings them in so that they will be able to follow that car around later, when they feel like being stalkers. Yes, that is indeed quite scary. This far I’ve spotted quite a lot of Chinese fangirls using this method, it’s frightening to see in action.

But enough about SBS, we headed to Home Plus and spend forever inside. We tasted all of the food at the food stands (and went to the meat stands twice). We had grabbed most of the things we need when we realised that it was 6:30 and that we had at least an hour home.

We still haven’t studied for tomorrow, and that will be the third day in a row that we haven’t studied. I think it’s justified in Unnie’s case as she needs to calm down, as she got sick because of stress, but I can’t come up with a good enough excuse for myself. I’ll study tomorrow! …maybe. If not there is no way around it, I’ll just have to study Friday.

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