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Day 16: Studying

At this point, every day life has taken over, and that's a good thing. For that reason my blogs may no longer be every day, simply because the days are starting to look alike, so there often isn't much to tell.

These days, I'm enjoying studying a lot - to the point where I almost wish that we had lessons in the afternoon too, and feel sad when classes end.

I think I picked my notebook well. It represents a play on words, as it displays the word: 개좋아 (gae-jo-ah) which translates to "I like it a lot", but the first character, 개, also means dog, so it can also be read as "dog likes", hence the drawing of the happy dog enjoying life as much as I enjoy studying.

Leading the life of regular students we spend our days and evenings studying and working, but also slacking off, laughing and yelling to the point that I often wonder how our neighbors put up with us.

Our door has now been decorated with a small sign that reads: 네가 제일 멎줘 (ni-ga jae-il mo-jyeo) which means: You are the coolest.

One of our many gimmicks, past and future.

The sun sets over Seoul again, and tomorrow too, I have the privilege of going to class.

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