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아파 (It Hurts)

Our class is having a gathering (together with our teacher) this wednesday where we will go out to eat Korean BBQ, drink some alcohol and just have fun together. So on this occasion I hereby present our classroom (I happened to take pictures of the meeting details written on the board and voilà):

After school I went to Posco (a building at our university) and bought some kimbap. In Posco there is a café, and a famous bread shop called Paris Baguette. The café sells really good, and very cheap, kimbap so we often go there to get our lunch. Me and Kiki then decided to go to CheongGyeCheonNo to study. There were two reasons for this, first of all because it is a place that we (ormostly I) like. The second reason is that when we went to bed yesterday we fooled around for a while and laughed like crazy, more than usual actually. When I think about it we were quite close from the beginning but lately it feels like we’ve known each other for such a long time, probably since we’ve experienced so many things together. As I was writing: we were fooling around yesterday when Kiki suddenly said: ‘I can see hotdogs in my dream’ she then went on to describe the hotdog mountain in her dream that was topped with a river of ketchup meanwhile I laughed like there was no tomorrow. That is how we quickly decided that today was the day that we were supposed to get hotdogs since we didn’t go to DongDaeMun last weekend (we somehow end up eating Hotdogs in DongDaeMun every weekend, it has become a bit of tradition already).

We studied for about four hours by the river and ate our kimbap and later our well deserved hotdogs. Since it was sunny today I had put on my new ballerina shoes and my feet had been screaming the entire day, which just resulted in an unstopped singing of the following song:

The first sentence having the word shoes in it, and the 너무 아파, 아 – 파, 아~ 파~! (pronounced: neomou apa, a-pa, aa~paa~) lit: it hurts so much, hurts, hurts!, it felt like the song was written for this kind of situation.

When we had finished our studying we headed back towards Ewha. I had to buy a new folder for my papers (the old one broke because I’ve gotten too many papers since the beginning of term) as well as plasters (I used up my first box already thanks to the terrible condition of my feet).

DongDaeMun is quite an unusual place though, it’s not that active during the day but as soon as the sun sets all the shopping malls open and eating a meal at 4am in DongDaeMun is completely normal. But that also means that we had to wait until 7pm before the shopping mall opened so we could get into ART BOX (all time favorite stationary shop). So while we waited we went into the ‘fashion’ market for a short while. It is a place where mainly Ajhumma’s and Ajhussi’s (elderly women and men) go but still I ended up buying a hat that I had spotted there last time we went. It cost me 10000 (~50 Danish Crowns) which actually isn’t so bad.

The funny thing about this hat is that it is very attention grabbing, I didn’t really think this purchase through, but as Unnie put it: This just makes me look even more 외국 (pronounced: uaegug, meaning: foreign), as in: it stands more out and makes me more noticeable. At this rate I highly doubt that I will ever learn how to blend into a crowd, no matter what I do, even if I don’t think about it, I end up doing the opposite of what everyone else does. I guess that is just the way I am. I’ll take that as a good thing though, it makes me unique if nothing else.

As we headed back towards Ewha there were some girls on a stage in DongDaemun dancing their hearts out with some famous Korean dances.

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