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바보 처럼 (just like an idiot).

I finished my mid-term exams today.

The day started with a reading test. In the middle of the 9 page long test the TV suddenly stopped working (we were listening to the CD from the TV in our classroom). And yes, all of the classrooms do indeed have big flatscreens,  I was quite shocked by this myself when I arrived.

After that I had to wait for one and a half hour before it was my turn to take the speaking test. Actually, my speaking skills are rather good, and people often compliment my accent, but it just so happens that I really dislike waiting for something without anything to do, so waiting for those 90 minutes just made me really nervous, and I’m sure that I ended up making quite a few mistakes during the test. Luckily the test was conducted by our 선생님(our teacher) so she knows my speaking capacity from classes, but still my feeling about this test wasn’t good. Aish. 바보 처럼 (just like an idiot).

I met up with Unnie in front of the exam room and together we headed to Myungdong for lunch.

The problem with going someplace that I have a bad feeling about from the beginning then I only very rarely change my opinion about it. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like going into the restaurant, and when we had to order I didn’t feel like eating any of it apart from the expensive meat that i felt was too much of a shame to eat alone, so I ended up buying the cheapest on the menu, the same stew as Unnie. The side dishes were nice, and the rice was nice as well, but as far as the stew went it was really nothing special and having eaten very cheaply since I arrived, I felt that it wasn’t worth the money as all.

I ended up eating a lot of side dishes (with refills) and finished my rice, as well as the stew, even though I didn’t like it. I couldn’t just leave it uneaten, that would be very impolite and it wasn’t particularly bad, even though it wasn’t good either. 바보 처럼 (just like an idiot).

I used up my last energy to finish the meal so when we went out of the restaurant I was completely out of strength. The food hadn’t given me any strength at all (I’ve found over the years that eating food that I don’t like just makes me hungry very quickly and takes away all of my energy as I force it down my throat anyways).

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it from the tone of my writing: I’m utterly depressed today, exams always end up getting to me wether they are important or not. 바보 처럼 (just like an idiot).

Afterward buying this I followed Unnie around as she shopped for cheap nail polish (her finishing mid-term exams’ present to herself). Once she was done, I was done for. So many pretty clothes, but no energy whatsoever to look at them. She wanted to go to the hairdresser but ended up not going (mainly because of me, I think, sorry).

When we got home we ended up going out again soon after because Unnie was craving waffles. We went to the same waffle house as last week (or was it the week before that?): waffle plus.

When we got home Unnie asked me to color her hair (she bought some cheap hair color in Myungdong) and I spend about an hour reading the instructions and understanding them before finally starting.

And, I was tricked again today.

It said: Original Danish Recipe, and since it was only 1500 won I let myself tempt. But as soon as I opened the packaging I could smell it. Just like last time: it smelled more of grilled butter than anything else and for your reference good Butter cookies are not supposed to smell of butter… I finished them (no way that two pieces of ice-cream waffle was enough dinner for me) but oh how disappointed I was. 바보 처럼 (just like an idiot).

Another set of forgotten pictures from the waffle shop yesterday: Unnie’s, recurring, secret paparazzi skills.

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